Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Off the Bookshelf : Julie and Julia

I had picked up Julie & Julia , by Julie Powell, quite a while ago after seeing her as a guest on the Martha Stewart show. Unfortunately, I bought it at the same time as something else (who knows what now), so I never got around to reading it and it just sat on the bookshelf.

After seeing the trailer for the movie, that is now in theaters, I thought that this would be the perfect time to read it. I finished it up on the ride back from New Mexico on Monday. It is quite a nice book. The reason I say nice, is that it's not a piece of literature, it didn't move me, and it didn't completely change my way of thinking. However, it did make me smile, cringe (I couldn't handle cooking some of the foods she does), and laugh.

In reading some of the comments on Good Reads (one of my favorite book sites, by the way), a lot of people mentioned they didn't like it because of Julie. Well, not me. It doesn't bother me if someone uses foul language, especially when they are a frustrated cook! And a lot of people mentioned that she was whiney. But let's face it, the majority of us are. She was writing a memoir, based on her blog, and told it how it was. She was at a tough state in her life and if she's upset about it and wants to be whiney, then go for it!

The biggest thing to take away from this book, I think, is about breaking through and sticking with something. Most of us set challenges or goals for ourselves and never set it through. Julie has more determination and will power than I ever will. I have often set these goals, and made it to X number of days, and just lost it. She kept going and I am very impressed.

I definitely recommend this book for a quick, light read. Perfect for your next road trip. And after reading it, and hopefully seeing the movie soon, I really want to pick up the other book the movie was based on, Julia Child's My Life in France.

Stay tuned for more of my quasi book reviews here on the blog. Now that we don't have cable and I'm often too lazy to go upstairs to use the internet, what else am I going to do but read!

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